Brace Gard Silicone ‘Wax’ ~ 3 Boxes


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Brace Gard Silicone Dental ‘Wax’ ~ Unscented

Applying Brace Gard to your braces will give you relief from any pain and discomfort caused by metal brackets or wires. Most orthodontic patients use wax at some point during their treatment…usually in the first few weeks as their mouths become used to the braces.

Brace Gard is an alternative to traditional Orthodontic Wax; it’s made from silicone with some great properties which some patients find makes it more effective than standard wax…we find it’s all down to personal preference, most patients love one or the other.
If you’re new to braces we’d recommend trying both Brace Gard & Orthodontic Wax before stocking up in bulk (& saving with our great discounts!)

Silicone does not break down as quickly as wax so Brace Gard can last a lot longer than traditional wax.

Unlike orthodontic wax, you can re-apply Brace Gard. So you can reuse the same piece after brushing your teeth (something you’ll be doing lot’s of with braces!)

Brace Gard is unscented and transparent; even less noticeable in your mouth than clear orthodontic wax.

How to Use Brace Gard
Break off a piece from one of the sticks (there’s three sticks in each little box). Roll the Brace Gard between your fingers and push it onto the area of the brace which is causing you pain.
IMPORTANT : The brace and Brace Gard must be really dry for the Brace Gard to stick.
Put the Brace Gard over and behind the bracket to give it something to adhere to; don’t try and stick it to your teeth! It can be a bit tricky but it’s definitely worth the practice.

  • Medical grade silicone, unscented & unflavoured
  • Waterproof and transparent
  • Available in coloured plastic boxes with a handy mirror; colours may vary
  • Box dimensions : 5cm x 3cm x 1cm
  • 3 Boxes of three strips of wax supplied per order

Remove the Brace Gard when you eat, you can then re-use the same piece if you wish. If it’s too painful to eat without it then always replace with fresh Brace Gard after eating. If you accidently swallow a small amount of Brace Gard, don’t panic; it’s made to be in your mouth so it’s non-toxic and won’t be dangerous.

Definitely always remove Brace Gard before brushing your teeth as it will stick to the toothbrush bristles….and your teeth definitely won’t get a good clean!

It’s safe to sleep with Brace Gard on your braces…often sleep is the worst time for braces injuries!

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