Interspace Toothbrush ~ Set of 2 Green & Blue


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Interspace Toothbrushes ~ Set of 2

These specialist toothbrushes are designed with a strong yest soft tufted bristle head. This allows for precision cleaning around the edges of orthodontic braces with brackets and wires. Interspace toothbrushes helps prevent the buildup of plaque by cleaning the area of your teeth difficult to get to behind brace wires. The bristles are strong enough to clean yet soft enough not to hurt your gums.

These interspace brushes are also really popular with patients for cleaning around wisdom teeth as well as crowns and bridges; those at the back of your mouth can be especially difficult to keep clean witha regular toothbrush.

  • Interspace toothbrush for cleaning under brace wires, around bridges, wisdom teeth & gums
  • TWO toothbrushes supplied per order, a Blue and a Green

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