Orthodontic Wax ~ 4 Cases Unscented


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Clear Orthodontic Wax ~ Unscented

Orthodontic wax is a must-have item for many patients with fixed braces; especially in the first few weeks of new braces.
Fixed braces are usually made from metal brackets and wires; these can cause the inside of your cheek and gums to become sore, especially when your mouth isn’t used to them being there. A small piece of orthodontic wax to the offending part of the brace will make you more comfortable.

How to Use Orthodontic Wax
Break off a small pea-sized piece of wax from one of the sticks (there’s five sticks in each little box). Gently roll it between your fingers and push it onto the area of the brace which is causing you pain.
IMPORTANT : The bracket and wax must be dry for the product to work.
Put the Orthodontic Wax over and behind the bracket to give the wax something to stick to; don’t try and stick it to your teeth!

  • Clear medical grade wax, unscented
  • Stop braces rubbing against your cheeks and gums
  • Available in coloured plastic boxes; easy to find in your bag
  • Box dimensions : 5.2cm x 3.5cm x 1cm
  • 4 Boxes of five strips of wax supplied per order

Orthodontic wax should ideally be removed when you eat or drink as it’s likely to stick to food and come away from your braces. If it’s too painful to eat without the wax then be sure to replace it with fresh wax after eating. If you accidently swallow the wax, don’t panic; it’s made from natural wax so it isn’t dangerous.

Don’t try to brush your teeth with wax on your braces as the wax will stick to the toothbrush bristles….and your teeth definitely won’t get a good clean!
Wax can break down by itself and become loose, otherwise a toothpick will help you to remove it.
Finally, yes it’s safe to sleep with wax on your braces…hopefully preventing any brace injuries if you sleep face-down!

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