Aligner Chewies x 4 ~ Mint or Bubblegum


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Aligner Chewies x 4

Aligner Chewies provide a soft chewable device that can be used alongside clear removable dental braces. Chewies will help you seat your clear aligner in your mouth properly in line with your orthodontic treatment.

To get best results from your orthodontic treatment your teeth should fit perfectly in each aligner before you move on to the next. By biting down on chewies a few times a day you will ensure a snug fit for your teeth; especially useful when you first have new aligner trays.

Biting down on these firm foam cylinders helps to seat your aligner and make your orthodontic treatment proceed more smoothly and quickly. With proper care, two Aligner Chewies can last for the duration of one tray (aligner). They can be cleaned with soap and water, or diluted mouthwash. They are disposable.

  • Helps seats aligners properly in your mouth
  • Makes your orthodontic treatment proceed more smoothly and quickly
  • Mint or Bubblegum Scent
  • FOUR Chewies supplied per order, packed into bags of two

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Bubblegum, Mint