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Swirl Plus Mouthwash 500ml ~ Product Recall

Swirl Plus Mouthwash 500ml ~ Product Recall  We were notified by the manufacturer OrthoCare UK that they were discontinuing this product in October due to a cosmetic issue. More specifically, we were informed the colour wasn’t quite correct as the product was sometimes turning a little cloudy. This product was

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Children’s Toothbrushes

Children’s Toothbrushes Sucker Brushes The most popular choice of all our children’s toothbrushes would be the sucker brush with a range of fun colours to choose from. The sucker base which is fun to stick to tiles and sinks is a great way to encourage children to brush their teeth.

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Tooth Fairy Products

Back To School ~ Tooth Fairy Products Tooth Fairy Stickers This great range of Tooth Fairy Products is perfect for busy schools and nurseries, such as the ‘I just lost a tooth’ stickers which are a great way for rewarding children for losing a tooth. They come in a bulk

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Orthodontic Toothbrushes

Caring for your teeth with braces or bridges may require more time than traditional oral care. But with our range of orthodontic products, we can help to make it as easy as possible. This is the perfect time to give some new products a go to improve your oral hygiene routine.

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What Flexible Denture Cleaner Should I Use?

Dentures, like your own teeth, require good oral hygiene and care. At Dental Aesthetics, we offer a wide range of denture cleaners to keep them feeling fresh and looking like new. One of the most common things we get asked regarding flexible dentures is “What is the difference between FDC

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Find out more about our new Reward Points Scheme

Because we like to reward our loyal customers, you can now earn points for every purchase you make on our website! It is very easy:   Can I earn Reward Points on the value of delivery fees? No, Reward Points are earned for every pound spent on shopping only, shipping

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