Latex Free Elastics Bands & Placers


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Orthodontic Latex-Free Elastic Bands & 10 Placers

Latex-Free elastic bands come in different strengths and sizes; your orthodontist will advise the pack required for your current treatment depending on the force and size necessary.

Elastic Placers have a hook on one end to assist you when you need to fit the elastic bands between your upper and lower orthodontic braces brackets.

We sell these in bags of 10 placers; each pack has a random selection of colours.

This listing will provide you with one bag of 100 elastics & 10 elastic placers.

  • Latex Free Elastics
  • Clear bands for a discrete appearance
  • Also referred to as ‘Intra-Oral Elastics Bands’
  • Approximately 100 Latex-Free Elastics per sealed bag
  • 10 Elastic Placers per sealed bag

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Latex Free 1/4 2.5oz, Latex Free 1/4 4.5oz, Latex Free 1/4 6.5oz, Latex Free 1/8 4.5oz, Latex Free 1/8 6.5oz, Latex Free 3/16 2.5oz, Latex Free 3/16 4.5oz, Latex Free 3/16 6.5oz, Latex Free 5/16 2.5oz, Latex Free 5/16 4.5oz, Latex Free 5/16 6.5oz

Elastic Placers

Pack of 10


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Orthodontic Elastic Bands


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