2 x Aligner Chewies + 1 x Art Tool


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2 x Aligner Chewies & 1 ART Tool 

2 x Scented Chewies Aligner Chewies provide a soft chewing device.

  • Chewies will help you seat your aligner in your mouth properly.
  • Biting down on these firm foam cylinders helps to seat your aligner and make your orthodontic treatment proceed more smoothly and quickly.
  • With proper care, two Aligner Chewies can last for the duration of one tray (aligner).
  • They can be cleaned with soap and water, or diluted mouthwash.
  • They are disposable.

1 x ART ~ Aligner Removal Tool for Invisible Braces

  • ART Tool’s unique design, allows you to easily & safely remove invisible braces.

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