Val-Clean & Sonic Cleaner


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Val-Clean & Sonic Cleaner

Val-Clean Sachets

Val-Clean is a non-abrasive cleaner specifically designed for the hygienic cleaning and maintenance of Valplast® flexible dentures. Val-Clean is supplied in boxes of 12 sachets, each sachet will make four week’s supply of solution. A measuring spoon is included with each box, one spoonful (quarter of a sachet) is mixed with approximately 165ml of warm water – this solution will last for 7 – 10 days before needing to be replaced.

A daily 15 minute soaking has proven to be effective in maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of Valplast®. Overnight soaking of Valplast® in Val-Clean solution will not harm the appliance.

Sonic Denture Cleaner

It’s simple to use; place your appliance inside, add your chosen cleaning agent, close the lid and press the on/off button. The perfect solution for low maintenance denture care; you can drop your Valplast denture in the sonic cleaner while you take a shower, cleaned and ready to pop back in for when you’re finished.

This model is compact and discreet yet large enough to sanitise a full upper and lower set of dentures at the same time. The Sonic Cleaner requires 2 AA batteries (Duracell Procell AA batteries optional extra @ £1.00 for two). Maximum external dimensions : height 8cm x width 8cm x length 9cm

Why use a Sonic Cleaner? A sonic cleaner uses high frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in liquid. This is used to thoroughly clean dentures as the bubbles dislodge and remove contaminants and food particles from areas of dentures that are otherwise difficult to clean. Combining this sonic action with a suitable denture cleaner will greatly enhance the effectiveness of this process.

Val-Clean Ingredients : Potassium Peroxymonopersulfate, Citric Acid, Potassium Bisulphate, Magnesium Carbonate, Potassium Sulphate, Peppermint Extract, Potassium Peroxydisulphate, Sucrose.

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Sonic Cleaner,Denture Bath Cup


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