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Tooth Fairy Products

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This great range of Tooth Fairy Products is perfect for busy schools and nurseries, such as the ‘I just lost a tooth’ stickers which are a great way for rewarding children for losing a tooth.

They come in a bulk pack of 80 stickers meaning they will go a long way and are great for an educational setting.

These Tooth Fairy Envelopes come in two designs; 

Tooth Fairy Envelopes 

Pirate Tooth Fairy Envelopes 

And come in either a purple or blue colour. Perfect to keep lost teeth safe ready for home time and the tooth fairy. These envelopes are also big enough to store any coins that you would like to reward your child with making sure they don’t get lost under their pillow.

A perfect at home ‘lost tooth’ care package, with the Tooth Fairy Envelopes perfect for keeping lost teeth safe.

The sucker brushes are brilliant for making teeth brushing more fun, with their suction bases you can stick them to tiles and sinks. With a small head for children, they are a perfect encouragement to get children brushing their teeth. The NHS provide advice on how to care for your children’s teeth 

We also offer this in a bulk pack with 80 sucker brushes, 80 envelopes and 80 Tooth Fairy Certificates, making them ideal for schools.

These Tooth Fairy certificates are a great addition to the Tooth Fairy Envelopes and Tooth Fairy Stickers.

With a space to put names and dates it is a nice reward for children to wake up to in the morning or to bring home from school when they lose a tooth.

Printed on a high quality card, they will be brilliant to have as a keepsake. 

Available in bulk packs of up to 100 toothbrushes, these Tooth Fairy Pirate Brushes are a great addition to any lessons on oral health, schools and dentists. With soft bristles and a small head, these are perfect for small mouths. Each design comes in 3 colours pink, green and blue, so you have a good range of colours to hand out.  

The suction base makes a fun addition to any child’s toothbrushing routine, they can be stuck anywhere in the bathroom such as sinks or tiles.