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Orthodontic Toothbrushes

Caring for your teeth with braces or bridges may require more time than traditional oral care. But with our range of orthodontic products, we can help to make it as easy as possible. This is the perfect time to give some new products a go to improve your oral hygiene routine.

We have a wide range of double and single ended v-trim toothbrushes, the v-cut bristles make them perfect for straddling braces. With double ended brushes, the slim end is great for getting to those hard to reach places ensuring there is no build of plaque or food. These orthodontic toothbrushes are a great addition to your routine.

These orthodontic travel toothbrushes, with the same v-shaped bristles as our full size orthodontic toothbrushes make cleaning braces while away simple. Also with their fold away design, they are small enough to put in your travel bag and the built in case and handle make keeping it clean easy.

This starter kit, with one each of our orthodontic toothbrushes it is great for trying out each toothbrush and finding out what works for you. The kit contains:

Interdental Brace Brushes

Dental Aesthetics Interdental Brace brushes are used for cleaning in between braces, bridges and teeth. They help promote healthy gums and get rid of plaque between your teeth. The NHS provide some great advice on why and how to use interdental brushes. Our Inter-Brace Brushes have replaceable heads meaning the handle will last you a long time. Making it a more eco friendly choice compared to the plastic disposable ones you can find in most supermarkets.

Brace starter kits

If you have just had an orthodontic appliance fitted, then our orthodontic brace starter kit is ideal to allow you to try a wide range of our orthodontic products. One of our kits includes double ended v-trim, orthodontic wax, travel v-trim and more. This brace starter kit give you a great discount and an idea of the products you need to being using to care for your braces.

Bamboo V-Trim

For people who prefer to not use plastic, our bamboo v-trim toothbrush is the perfect eco friendly alternative. With the handles being made from sustainably sourced bamboo and packaged in a cardboard box to allow for recycling or composting. With the same v trim bristles, they are great for those with orthodontic appliances.

Slim interspace

Slim Interspace brushes have slim tapered bristles to allow for cleaning in between crowns, bridges, wires and brackets. They also works for getting to those hard to reach places such as the back of the mouth around wisdom teeth and molars.