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What Flexible Denture Cleaner Should I Use?

Dentures, like your own teeth, require good oral hygiene and care. At Dental Aesthetics, we offer a wide range of denture cleaners to keep them feeling fresh and looking like new. One of the most common things we get asked regarding flexible dentures is “What is the difference between FDC Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean?”

FDC Flexible Denture Cleaner

Flexible Denture Cleaner

FDC Flexible Denture Cleaner is designed for weekly use, this box contains 12 sachets. If you soak your denture for 15 minutes daily in the denture cleaning solution, one box should last up to 3 months. There is no need to weigh your powder as they are supplied in single dose sachets saving hassle and time when caring for your denture.

FDC has a mint flavour for an added fresh feel and also contains a disinfectant which works as it cleans. This disinfectant eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause denture stomatitis which can result in discomfort and soreness.

Val Clean Concentrated Denture Cleaner

Val-Clean Valplast Denture Cleaner

Val-Clean contains 12 sachets and is approximately a 1 year supply. Each sachet contains a 4 week supply of solution. It comes with a measuring spoon which you use to measure out a quarter of a sachet (one spoonful) of Val-Clean denture cleaner mixed with 165ml of warm water which you then add your appliance to. So one sachet will last you a 4 week period if measured and stored correctly.

If you soak your appliance in the Val-Clean solution for 15 minutes daily, your solution will last 7 to 10 days before needing replacement.


Overall both cleaners are very similar with just 2 main differences. The price point, with Val Clean being more cost effective in the long run and the way you use your sachet, with FDC Flexible Denture Cleaner being the easiest with their single use sachets. Both cleaners contain very similar ingredients with FDC just having the added extra benefit of a disinfectant.

Using either FDC Flexible Denture Cleaner or Val-Clean will cover your Valplast appliance in the UK with the Valplast lifetime guarantee. They are also great for use on a range of other appliances such as Acrylic and Partial Dentures, Night Guards and Retainers. Click here if you would like to know more information on how to care for your Valplast denture. Using a flexible denture cleaner specifically for flexible dentures is vital to ensure the longevity of your appliance. As many store brand cleaners contain harsh chemicals which can damage or discolour the flexible material.

If we’ve missed anything and you need any more info on either cleaner. Please do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to help.